Microsoft and Analytic Partners at ARF Attribution and Analytics Accelerator

How can organizations balance a focus on short-term consumer perception and behavior change, with long-term brand building? At a recent ARF event, Kathleen Magnuson, Senior Data Scientist, Research & Insights at Microsoft sat down with Maggie Merklin, Chief Client Officer at Analytic Partners, to dive into that question and more.


After working together to build foundational knowledge about how media drives both purchase intent and sales in the short term, the team set its sights on understanding the full impact of a multi-year advertising effort to inform long-term investment decisions. Find out how Microsoft uncovered new opportunities for success through a holistic approach to analytics.

Access the video to learn more about:

  • How both high consideration and low consideration products are impacted by long-term media
  • How Microsoft uncovered the impact of media on ROI
  • How to balance short-term wins with longer term investments
  • And more