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Analytic Partners Introduces a New Brand Identity

analytic partners
analytic partners 03.13.2023

It is with great excitement that we introduce Analytic Partners' new brand identity, a vibrant, dynamic system that mirrors our company, platform, and history as an industry leader.


For over 20 years, Analytic Partners has paved the way for marketers to make informed decisions using data. We give them the insights and technology to take their places at the heart of their organizations as they build brands, support sales, and drive consumer engagement.


Today, the complexity of a marketing team’s activities is unmatched. CMOs must balance the benefits and risks of multiple marketing activities, delivered via dozens of channels, to target a diverse customer base who vary not just in what they buy but also where, when, and how they buy it. A holistic and flexible approach to analytics is essential to do this effectively.


Commercial Analytics is our unique way of doing this. It’s an adaptive, multi-level, multidimensional measurement framework that takes a holistic view of enterprise data alongside competitive, economic, and other touchpoint data. The result is comprehensive, actionable insights when you need them. This is a seismic change compared to older measurement tools and offers both previously impossible levels of granularity and a truly global and strategic view of marketing and other business activities. We can look far beyond specific channels or individual activities when considering marketing and business performance.


As marketers, our job is to create powerful connections with our customers in a way that drives sales and growth. Our brands are an important tool to achieve that. Analytic Partners’ new brand reflects the crystallization of our goal to bring a comprehensive understanding of the real drivers of any business and how you can adapt the factors you control to create growth and new opportunities. We call this Commercial Intelligence, and it goes far beyond marketing report cards to offer a deeper, more granular understanding to support decision-making.


About our New Brand Identity


We challenged our partners at Emotive Brand to evolve our brand identity to reflect our company - one based on people, platform, and expertise that delivers daily progress for our customers.


The result is distinct and scalable design elements uniquely belonging to Analytic Partners. Based on fine geometric lines and dynamic, multi-dimensional patterns, it highlights our deep expertise and commitment to precision.


Our company logo has been simplified, with our new Analytics Partners triangle representing people, platform, and expertise – the three sides that make us who we are. The inner triangle represents our performance, progress, and achievement in helping our customers reach the pinnacle of their industries.


Designing and building a brand is central to any marketing effort. In fact, as our research shows, brand marketing outperforms performance marketing 80% of the time. We are proud of the brand we have developed over our 20-year history, but we know we cannot be stagnant. As marketing measurement evolves, Analytic Partners will continue to be at the forefront of that, driving better, deeper, wider insights for our customers and our brand. This commitment is reflected in our new brand. We hope you like it as much as we do.


To see our brand in action, join us at the new POSSIBLE conference in Miami on April 18 and 19, 2023 where we will be presenting on multiple stages. Or join us at NorthStar Connect, Analytic Partners’ premier customer event returning in person this May 9-11, 2023 also in Miami.