Customer Loyalty Analysis

Maximize customer lifetime value

Understanding the lifetime value of interactions with customers and how to drive advocacy is key to driving long term business performance.

Building brands is about building customer loyalty. And in a volatile economic environment, communicating and fostering advocacy with your customer base becomes all the more important. Ensuring your marketing efforts are conveying a relevant message to the appropriate customer segment in an effective and efficient manner is essential – in both the shortand long term.

AP’s Customer Loyalty Analysis will look at all factors driving conversion and retention for each of your customer groups to determine the optimal approach to target and drive loyalty for each customer segment. Understanding the long term value of each type of marketing communication, and its impact on each type of consumer is a key focus area for the analysis. Our analyses deliver comprehensive insights on the lifetime value of different customer segments and identify how to drive customer retention for our clients.



Leveraging Data and Analytics to Improve Loyalty through Marketing

AP’s approach to Customer Loyalty Analyses combine extensive database mining with superior analytic techniques to identify the factors that are driving conversion and loyalty for each of your customer segments. Retail, consumer goods, service providers, healthcare, hospitality, and other industries have been leveraging this type of analysis to identify the correct mix of traditional media, direct mail, and digital marketing to meet business growth goals by correctly targeting the right customer. In recent years we have also worked with our clients to integrate online behavior data at the cookie level to help us understand even more about consumer behavior and how loyal cutsomers behave within and across sales channels that may span online, offline, and call center touchpoints.

Throughout the Customer Loyalty Analysis process, Analytic Partners will work with you and your agencies to determine the optimal marketing strategies to most effectively target each of you customer groups to meet your key performance indicators such as sales, conversion, retention, margin, frequency and/or attrition.  Our long-term partnership philosophy will provide you with ongoing monitoring of your new customer marketing plans to ensure the maximum top-line and bottom-line impact for your business.

We answer your questions

  • How can I build brand loyalty and retention?  How can I avoid attrition?
  • How effective is my marketing in communicating each type of message to my key customer segments?
  • What is the ROI of my customer loyalty program, traditional media, online marketing, and DTC and Direct Mail efforts?  Is there room to optimize?
  • What is the optimal strategy to reach each customer segment?
  • Which marketing tactic is most effective for my loyal group?
  • What marketing tactics are most efficient in increasing the level of engagement with my underdeveloped customer base?
  • How do we connect with customers based on their demographics and attitudes?
  • How can we influence share of wallet across all my customer segments?

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