2017 Effie Awards: ANZ Wins Effective Advertiser of the Year

Over the last few years ANZ’s creative and effective work has been recognized through many global awards. The Effie Award for Effective Advertiser of the Year, is a testament to the company’s customer-centric culture, passion for continuous improvement and comprehensive commitment to effectiveness.


The team presented 8 past cases of past successes showing their effectiveness that included wide-ranging and creative campaigns. The team also outlined their “Culture of Effectiveness” which focuses in the importance of surfacing insights and measuring impact. These two pieces work together with the company’s strong brand story.


ANZ wins Effie Award with Analytic Partners


As one of the nominating partner agencies, Analytic Partners is proud of ANZ Australia and of the work we do together. We wanted to take the opportunity to congratulate the team and all those involved in making ANZ the Effective Advertiser of the Year.