Mark Ritson’s Smorgasbord: The 7 Things Marketers Should Prioritize Now

With further change and disruption always on the horizon, smart business leaders know that having the right priorities is key to building a sustainable foundation for success. Analytic Partners had the pleasure of hosting world-renowned marketing expert Mark Ritson at our most recent NorthStar Connect Client Event. He shared valuable insights about seven core priorities all marketers should keep in mind over the next 12 months.


Access the full video to hear actionable insights into:

  • Balancing long and short-term trajectories for sustained success
  • Mastering two speed targeting for both brand-building and performance marketing
  • Achieving excess share of voice and applying the theory to marketing budgets
  • Establishing a smart recessionary investment strategy to maintain market share and grow
  • Understanding the difference between distinctiveness and differentiation for your brand
  • Optimizing media and creative based on your unique goals
  • Building channel diversity to achieve maximum impact