ROI Genome

ROI Genome Marketing Intelligence Report: 2018 Compilation

What Drives Marketing ROI?

New for 2019, the updated Analytic Partners’ ROI Genome Marketing Intelligence Report Compilation is our annual edition of important trends and insights on the factors that affect return on investment for offline and online marketing. We hope to help marketers get to the heart of the matter of what marketing and advertising efforts drive return on investment and what factors influence those returns.


Since 2000, Analytic Partners has collected marketing intelligence across industries and countries and this forms the core of ROI Genome which provides in-depth understanding of how marketing works. ROI Genome includes insights from hundreds of billions in marketing spend, more than 2 million marketing metrics, from 45+ countries and 700+ brands across industries & tactics.

Download and access updated trends as of February 2019 on:

  • ROI Comparisons for Offline + Online
  • ROI Trends by Channel
  • Digital Marketing Spending Trends
  • Multi-Channel Synergies
  • What Factors Drive ROI
  • Linear TV vs Addressable TV Trends

In addition this updated information, we have compiled all of the 2018 reports into one place, including:


  • Have Promotions Lost Their Punch?
  • The Value of an Impression
  • Paid Search Intelligence
  • Halo Effects in Portfolio Advertising

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