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Elevating Commercial Analytics Partnerships at NorthStar Connect Europe

analytic partners
analytic partners 05.09.2024

We recently hosted our NorthStar Connect customer event in London, bringing together marketing, finance and analytics executives from Europe’s top brands to network, hear the latest industry insights and exchange perspectives.

Surrounded by iconic views of St. Paul’s and The River Thames, subject matter experts covered a wide range of topics, including:

  • A new era of measurement: Brand, marketing and analytics leaders are ushering in commercial analytics for their organizations – a broader decisioning system that empowers them to make better decisions, faster. Leaders discussed the challenges they’ve faced and best practices they’ve implemented to shift others’ mindsets, create value and affect real change.
  • 24 years of intelligence: Customers shared their favorite ROI Genome insights (like brand marketing outperforms performance marketing 80% of the time) and added their own take, like how they’ve leveraged them to drive analytic adoption and generate buy-in. Modelling, attribution and experimentation technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, were also shown to be crucial in asking the right business questions and staying outcome-focused.
  • Multi-market program transformations: Participants examined ways to improve data management, empower teams to drive their programs and maintain clear outcomes. It was a rare opportunity for multi-market program leaders to get in-depth details on how other companies are managing global objectives along with their regional priorities.

Sharing these experiences and hearing real-life examples from across industries and regions – whether it was over coffee, hors d’oeuvres or during roundtables and panel discussions – proved to be invaluable for all who attended.

As one participant shared, “It was a great event with lots of great takeaways. It was also useful to hear from other brands and their journeys. Really impactful!”

The day culminated in a lively dinner at the landmark OXO Tower, with a rooftop toast celebrating global outlooks, local expertise and our collective years of partnership across Europe and beyond.


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