Analytic Partners to Present with Office Depot at the ARF’s AM:2015

May 6, 2015

"The Devil is in the Data," was chosen as one of the winning papers to be presented at the ARF's Audience Measurement 2015 event


Despite the age-old saying, “garbage in, garbage out,” too much sub-optimal data makes its way into marketing analyses these days. It is frequently difficult to prioritize data collection, and businesses struggle to justify gathering optimal data when less detailed or less accurate data is readily available. The question often boils down to: Is the effort to gather the right data really worth it?


On June 15, 2015, Shawna Thayer of Analytic Partners will address this issue with the paper, "The Devil is in the Data: The Business Benefits of Collecting Optimal Data Inputs for Marketing Mix Modeling " at the ARF's Audience Measurement 2015 event in New York City. Shawna will present alongside Brent Ehrlich and Jill Stetkiewicz of Office Depot, with whom the study was developed.


"The Devil is in the Data" provides evidence of the benefits of optimal data inputs from both the client-side and analyst perspectives. The study explores learnings from the AP / Office Depot partnership, including insights generated when robust data was married with advanced statistical techniques, resulting in recommendations that drove business activation for Office Depot.


To register, visit Audience Measurement 2015. You can read about Analytic Partners' previous Audience Measurement papers here and here. To find out more about AP's services to improve marketing ROI, visit our Services page.